44 definition by da trick biatch

it wasnt feathered hair in the 80's that was the 70's. in the 80's you tried to get your hair to look like an explosion in a mattress factory, with mousse, hairspray, curling iron, crimper.
my hair was unfortunately 80's hot (in the 80's)
by da trick biatch January 07, 2006

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a derogatory word for someone that is african american
please do not say "jiggah" it is an unpleasant word.
by da trick biatch January 24, 2006

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an unfunny person, who only has 1 joke up his sleeve. he is the reason everyone thinks southerners are stupid. had a sitcom that thankfully failed. he must die!
oh my god! they're showing rerun jeff foxworthy, where did the damn remote go?
by da trick biatch December 21, 2005

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a weak-assed knock-off of the fantastic wall here at urban dictionary.
is postonme still around?why?
by da trick biatch April 23, 2006

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a canadian on the wall who continues to spout retarded propaganda even though he's been told numerous times that no one cares. refuses to go to a political board, where he would be torn to shreds.if you encounter him, do not respond to his taunts! you'll only be feeding the troll!!!!!
omg! its the Canadian Statistic Propaganda Machine back on the wall again! has he no life? LETS ALL IGNORE HIM!!!!
by da trick biatch February 08, 2006

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when a man is so fat, his belly hangs down further than his dick does.
look at that man. he has dick-do disease! his gut hangs down further than his dick does!
by da trick biatch May 10, 2006

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BULL SHIT UNLIMITED. aka,a compulsive liar. they lie all the time, about anything. if you take careful notes on what they tell you, you can fuck with them unmercifully!like B.S.U. said on April 14th, his "oil money" would be directly deposited in his bank account, but was too broke to buy lunch on the 16th.
Oh, fuck. here comes B.S.U. wonder what he's gonna lie about today...
by da trick biatch April 23, 2006

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