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tupac is da man!! he is one of the smartest, educated, black men around.
He aint dead, he is alive in our hearts, and alive in the music industry...

the greatest rapper ever...
1971 - 1996
greatest rapper ever
by Da BomB May 31, 2004

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"Pussy Eatin' Lips"
Describes a man with nice, full lips.
woman: look at his PELs! i'm inviting him over later tonight.....
by da bomb February 19, 2004

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Noun; Crackwhore, one who trades oral sex for cocaine
Dude, did you see that buffe on 7th street?
She'll blow you to heaven for a gram...
by da bomb March 08, 2005

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Stupid fuckin' asshole
Hey! You just shot a spitball at me! You Saddam Hussein!
by Da bomb November 23, 2003

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