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A mufftail is a drink made with used/dirty girls panties.
You take a used/dirty pair of girls panties and place the cotton padded "Used" area inside the glass with the "flavour" facing upward, push this to the bottom, the rest of the panties are rolled over the top and around the glass.

Pour your chosen beverage into the glass, My favorite is vodka and coke.
Take a spoon and mix the drink, making sure to press down on the panties at the bottom of the glass to get full flavour in the drink.
Add a slice of lemon, lime or orange on the side with a small umbrella for a tropical feel.
Enjoy your mufftail!
"Hey baby Im gonna make a mufftail with your panties tonight"
by Cyguy September 23, 2013
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Surf crabs: to be itchin' for a surf
Cyrus moved from San Diego and is really itching for a surf. I hear he's go the surf crabs!
by cyguy July 30, 2010
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