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The greatest city in America. If you're not from Canton, you can't ever imagine what it's like to grow up in the C-Town. We got more swagger than anyone else cuz we the baddest bitches in the country. If you grew up in Canton you kicked it in hoods like HP, Shorb ave., 12th, the S dub, and the nicer hoods, harter heights, ridgewood, market heights. Canton is home of the greatest high school in the world, the Canton McKinley Bulldogs (Go Pups!) and is home to one of the most famous high school rivalries in the country (and the only high school rivalry to have betting odds in Vegas). Football is life, as Canton is home to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and it's also the city that the NFL was born. During the first week of August Canton goes harder than usual for Hall of Fame week, when all the football greats come to Canton to party hard for a week. People might be talking shit about the gang violence, pregnant teenagers, the fact that you're most likely to get shot in down on Cherry St. than Baghdad, but the truth is we go harder than anyone else and everyone else is just jealous. Canton is ghetto as fuck man, we fuckin blow trees and can drink anyone under the table, and if you're from the real city and not one of the pussy ass suburbs that pretend they're Canton (I'm talking to you assholes in North Canton and Jackson) then you understand that we are united under one common theme: we're poor as shit but living the high life.
Karl: Hey, where you from?
Me: Canton, Ohio, aka the world's greatest.
Karl: oh, DAMN. I need to back my shit up. I do NOT want to mess with this bitch.
by ctownnigga April 13, 2010
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