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(proper noun) The only bear made famous for having an embarrasing condition called alopecia. He was later immortalized in song that led to his tragic death. He was found face down with traces of honey comb on his mouth and an empty bottle of propecia stuck to his sticky, honey covered paw while that fateful song had been set to "repeat" on his ipod.
"Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear. Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair"
by crzymeanbtch February 07, 2010

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There are two definitions:
1. v. Getting the ugly fat friend drunk off her ass so she won't cock block any potential hook-ups with her hot friends. This is usually with the intent that she'll lose her inhibitions and suddenly feel the urge to "just dance" while leaving her friends alone.

Sometimes the skinny friends instigate this themselves so it won't hurt their game or their friend's feelings.

2. v. getting so drunk that you're willing to have sex with a large rotundous woman.
1. Jason: That fat bitch keeps trying to talk to me and ruining my game.
Adam: Let's get some juice in that ham so she'll leave us alone.


Anne: God, Judith is running all the hot guys off. Let's buy some shots.

Jessica: For real, bitch gets crazy on the dance floor. I just hope she keeps her clothes on this time.

Becca: God that was gross but worth it. Fuck it - let's juice that ham!

2. God damn I was so drunk last night that I put my baby juice in that ham.


I'm so drunk and desperate I'll even go for juicing a ham.
by crzymeanbtch February 07, 2010

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