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(Pronounced "Spirit One Oh Five Three"

adj. To be extremely uplifting and encouraging bordering on annoying. The speaker must designate if it is being spoken with a positive or negative connotation.
"Man Jon you are being so Spirit 105.3...in a good way"

Greg: "I love your jacket, your hat, your personality, your walk, your car, your socks, your smile, your intelligence. You could probably run the country if you wanted to. Did I mention how much I think you are better than everyone else..."

Jean: "Stop talking Greg! You are being so Spirit 105.3 today I can't take anything you say seriously..."
by crredding November 28, 2007
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To be sexually aroused

i.e. horny
Mark: Dude I don't want to watch Snow White with Carl, he gets all sexcited when the dwarfs come out.

Scott: Word...
by crredding November 19, 2007
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