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The feeling one gets when they smoke a bowl then drinks some four loko left over from before. Symptoms Include feeling drowsy with a bit of perkiness and a mixture of melancholy elation when in public; generally not the most recommended place to find yourself in when experiencing this state of being.
Mark believed that he could keep his composure after becoming dry so he allowed himself to go out to the movies and was kicked out after causing too much commotion during Gulliver's Travels.
by crazykidcarlson91 April 25, 2011
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The feeling you get after taking several bites out of a delicious snack which is so wonderful that it causes a pleasurable feeling of enjoyment and satisfaction within each and every bite.
Mike: "You should of seen Ted's face man."

Bill: "Really?" "HAHA!" "What did it look like?"

Mike: "He was sporting the Oh face. A total food-gasm from those blueberry muffins he found in his cabinet!"
by crazykidcarlson91 April 23, 2011
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When looking for what one most desires in a woman, in particular, their kooch or coin-purse.
Steve: "Yo man I saw you scoping around the party. What were you looking for?"

Bill: "Yep, there was much to observe. But I was focusing mainly on that one area in particular..."

Steve: "Woah! Man! Your such a v-fiend!"
by crazykidcarlson91 February 27, 2011
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(verb) When you decide to yourself "aw f**k the man, I'm going to smoke a joint and take a nice long stroll." If you go on such an outing, it is advised to go sometime during the odd hours of the night/early morning when no one is around. This of course insures the full enjoyment of set stroll without the needless worry of attracting any unwanted attention.
After a long day of classes, papers, and general BS, I decided that it was time to go jay~walking. At around 3 AM, I set out to find my campus had turned into a complete ghost town. As I strode along uninterrupted I was able to take in everything around me without the fear of being apprehended by any pestering bystanders or worse, the authorities.
by crazykidcarlson91 April 27, 2011
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(verb) The act of taking a considerable amount of time in responding to each and every one of your friends birthday greetings on facebook. If you do not start on it early enough on, you face having to spend enormous periods of time in trying to sound appreciative to the masses of people who felt it right to write on your wall for such an annual celebration. It is more regarded as a personal means of thanking the countless persons who wished you a happy birthday; many people dont feel it necessary to take the time to do so and make a thankful status of their approval.
Mom: "So honey, how was your birthday yesterday?"

Son: "Rather uneventful, I spent most of the day writing on other peoples walls thanking them for their birthday wishes. I pretty much played the longest fb pick up game ever.
by crazykidcarlson91 May 29, 2011
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(phrase) The overall feeling of contempt one gets from having to be around bothersome, slutty women on a regular basis which leads to the overwhelming desire to say "put a d--k in it!". It is very similar to the phrase 'put a sock in it' but is more suggestive given the nature & tendencies of set women.
Sam: "Did you hear Dennis broke up with Cindy?"

Chris: "No way? What happened?"

Sam: "Well, he told me that he got so sick of her blabbing on and on about the most pointless crap whenever they were together. So he stopped her mid-sentence, looked at her dead in the eyes and said, "Oh put a d--k in it! Dammit!"
by crazykidcarlson91 April 27, 2011
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(noun) When a group of friends decide to either go out/stay in to get drunk then proceed to laying on their floor with blankets and pillows staying up into the odd hours of the night. Such activities include general gossip, television/movie viewing, and other forms of entertainment. It is essentially a sleep over for adults who are drunk enough to enjoy each others company for an extended period of time.
Linda: "What are you doing tonight?"

Karen: "Not sure, we might have a slumpover. Theres still a bunch of 40s left over from the weekend in the fridge and Jill just got Netflix. Wanna come?"

Linda: "Damn that sounds fun but I have exams tomorrow."

Karen: "Ah, well maybe next time."
by crazykidcarlson91 February 29, 2012
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