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the worst town in the whole entire world. never go to it. its too rich, too bitchy, too jewish, and too smart. the schools are all too good and too hard. the boys are too ugly. and everyone thinks theyre the shit. when theyre not. if you dont shop at nordstrom or bloomingdales or wear lacoste chappaqua is not for you. most people thnk theyre black. when infact, they are the farthest from black. reality is starting to hit most though. we have the clintonsbut who cares. life revolves around one single person. if its not you, get used to it. in chappaqua, no one has friends. chances are, all of your friends hate you. and you probably hate them too. everyone knows everything about everyone. johnny and sue hooked up. OH MY GOD JOHNNY AND SUE HAD SEX AND NOW SUE IS PREGNANT. only in chappaqua.
"yeah she owns NINE lacoste shirts SIX juicy outfits and TWELVE pairs of solows."
"at the party last night jane gave bill head so now u BETTER not talk to her"
by crazyg February 03, 2005

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