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Fagzor McButtsex

Insult derived from the words faggot, butt, sex, and some random irish name.

Invented by benji at SCUF* practice

*(State College Ultimate Frisbee)
1:Yo come here.
2:no f u
1:Fagzor McButtsex, get the f**k over here!
by crapintosh November 20, 2004
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Crapintosh v.
Insulting nickname for a person who likes Apple computers.
Crapintosh wore his Mac osX shirt to Drumline practice again today
by crapintosh November 20, 2004
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Some one who thinks He's a stud but is infact a total asswhole. He thinks he has friends and hosts parties but in fact nobody really likes him.

Yo there's a party tonight at Studler's
Studler Is such an ass but I think I'll go anyway.
by crapintosh January 16, 2006
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