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the dream smp is a minecraft server created by dream or dreamwastaken. lots of streamers and youtubers make videos and stream on it. these people are dream, georgenotfound, sapnap, karl jacobs, quackity, jschlatt, tommyinnit, tubbo, wilbur soot, nihachu, fundy, purpled, awesamdude, ponk, punz, technoblade, itsalyssa, callahan, the_eret, skeppy, badboyhalo, thunder1408/jack manifold, hbomb94, antfrost, ninja, andrea botez and dreams sister who plays on dreams account. the dream smp is great and often makes my day.
indiana: what’s your favorite tv show?

sarah: the dreamsmp!

indiana: that’s not a tv show...

sarah: well it might as well be one!
by craftingtable October 25, 2020
dream is a minecraft youtuber with nearly 12 million subscribers. his best friends are Sapnap , GeorgeNotFound , BadBoyHalo , KarlJacobs and his cat patches. we like to call him pissbaby. the reason for that is one time he has a dream which made him piss the bed while his girlfriend was asleep beside him. not so pog.
kelly: what type of youtubers do you watch?

sarah: dreamwastaken!
by craftingtable October 25, 2020
church prime is a religion made by dreamwastaken and tommyinnit. at the church of primes you farm twitch subs.

it is the best religion. it has wap (worship and prayer) and pog (people of god).

in our church, dream is god and jesus. the whole of the dream smp have converted to this religion.
sandy: what church to you go to?

sarah: i go to church prime to wap.
by craftingtable October 25, 2020