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A poor imitation of pornographic like music commonly spouted by the Red Vs Blue Character Tucker when he hears a double entendre related to sexual innuendo.
Tex: Then I can hook a hardline up to Shelia
Tucker: Bow Chicka wow wow!
by count23 September 22, 2008

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Please Return the Favour.

Seamingly innocent request in group battles or team events on facebook games where one player needs assistance during an event for their own independant one seperate from the group. Usually attached to a tinyurl to hide the large facebook link.

Unfortunantly, typically it's a trap that tricks players into wasting valuable resources or "favour points" on that person to buy them a gift that under any other circumstance, no sane player would do.

Most commonly used on facebook's castle age or mafia wars.
Matthew: "Was 10th to summon reenforcements"
Bryan: "Was 11th to summon reenforcements. PRTF: tinyurl.com/?asdfdkjakljer"
Rebecca: "WTF! I just bought that guy an energy refill, where's his event??"
by count23 February 03, 2010

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Australian slang term for a hot and wet thunderstorm during the summer months. These thunderstorms hit almost exactly the same time (4pm) every day during the october/november period.

The storms and terminology have fallen out of use recently due to the evil boogeyman known as "global warming"
"Is that thunder?"
"Ya, it's 4 O'clock"
"4 O'clock special then?"
by count23 December 07, 2009

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refers to the RIGHT arm being tanner (or redder) than the left arm because it's been hanging out of a car window during transit.

"What's wrong with your arm? You get sunburnt?"
"Yea, driver's arm from the trip to Queensland, got bloody bitten by mossies too!"
by Count23 May 08, 2007

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