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a subculture started in the 70's, originating from either the United States or the United Kingdom. similar in some aspects to the hippy movement of the 60's and early 70's. commonly confused with emo, metal heads, skins, and goths. punk has developed it's own genre of music known as punk rock. this genre is commonly confused with emo music, gothic rock, pop rock, metal, other headbanging music, and music by groups or individual artists claiming to be punks. another misconception is that punk is based on fashion. while the punks have developed an image similar to what is generally referred to as punk fashion, the movement is rather based on ideas and messages suck as liberalism and anarchy. the movement has recently been in decline, as more corporations such as hot topic, and various goods distributors seem to be in a sense buying the bands and icons in order to increase the sale of their products
the mohawk and spikes don't make the punk. the punk makes the mohawk and spikes

i saw a shitload of punks down at zebra and the gilman
by commie anarcho punk February 25, 2006

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also known as fucktards, fashion punks are individuals that exploit the subculture known as the punk movement in the name of fashion, thereby desecrating all that the punks stand for. these guys dress like punks, but in truth they just think that looking like one will get them laid
fashion punk: wow you hear the latest blink 182 cd? and look at this shit i bought at hot topic
real punk: fuck. just fuck
by commie anarcho punk March 10, 2006

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the fuzzy blue guy from Yellow Submarine
send out the blue meanie missile!
by commie anarcho punk February 28, 2006

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an untidy group of fascists who exist to oppress the people while blinding them with propaganda that depicts them as he elite of society
the police are fascists
by commie anarcho punk February 26, 2006

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