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A male, usually ranging in age anywhere from 14-late 20's, who is a tremendous douchebag. You'll catch him on anyday of the week dressed to the nines in the "high fashion" of hollister/ american eagle "awesome" sexual innuendo t-shirts/ abercrombie probably in huge jeans with gigantic holes in them. Possibly wearing a pooka shell necklace, or a torn up college hat with either fishhooks or beer bottle caps adorning it around the bill. listens to: dave mathews band, hoobastank, incubas, linkin park, kenny chesney, and his sister's avril lavigne cd when no one else is around. Is completley unaware of his own douchebag nature, loves to get drunk and shout the words to songs he doesnt know. Still under the impression that he maintains some type of cred bc he still thinks greenday is really underground. also found in large quantities lingering around frat houses, slipping roofies into drunk chicks drinks.
dude bra, im so drunk right now, i love you man, id fuck you if you were a chick, youre hair is kind of long though, so.. good enough for me bra!
by cole hill November 30, 2005
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A black person with a mullet.
"Hey man, did you see that Carl Weathers is in the new Vin Diesal movie?"

"Yeah dude, you know he just reinvented his image?"


"Yeah man, he's sportin' a bullet now."
by Cole Hill April 26, 2007
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something you yell out lound when you are a little bit angry
fricken floppy donkey dick, i got an F in english
by cole hill November 25, 2003
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