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An able man killed by propaganda, and presidential shallowness. His death insured major US involvement in Vietnam and, perhaps, eventual defeat.
see also; Murder incoporated in the caribean
Sink or swim with Ngo Dinh Diem or swim and sink first kill a chink. (please no offence, I wish I had another word)
by coldsloth June 15, 2004

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Someone flamboyantly unbalanced or wildly eccentric. Mad hatter
A loon
Ruskin's was a right nutter.
by coldsloth June 10, 2004

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1. An Ubermench who dreams of conquering the world without leaving his bedroom.
2. Someone who can catch the pox off of a toilet seat.
3. A troublesome patient who disturbs the ward by espousing an endless stream of contradictory gibberish.
4. Someone who graduated from university whithout growing up.
5. Nutzschism: two overenthusiastic teenagers in a basement.
That guy hanging around the street corner is a nutzsche, best not to talk to him.
by coldsloth June 15, 2004

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Nietsche: Originator of a philosophy easily condenced into Cliff's notes and slogans. see definitions above
Nietzsche is the greatest man who ever lived,I read all about him in those little yellow books.
by coldsloth June 20, 2004

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