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3 dimensional doiley, that is used to keep refreshments cool and not transfer wet rings to furniture. Eliminates the need for a coaster, placemat, or table cloth. Used mostly in camping, and NASCAR events or with Rednecks.
Grab me a beer/soda and put it in my gnudica!
by colbyco July 12, 2009
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Something really easy to finish or complete
This project is diddley dog simple, so you should be able to get it done ASAP.
by colbyco July 12, 2009
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A male with long straight greasy stringy hair. 1963 Woodstock Hippie. Word used by Cowboys and Rednecks to describe a Hippie/
Look at that long haired gink with the tie dyed shirt and cutoffs.
by colbyco August 30, 2009
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