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Any use of the male genitalia to create a percussive/woodwind musical effect.
The people residing in Dinwiddie 210 sure play a mean dongenspiel. I would know.
by codgermayne May 04, 2009

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Any location in which groups of three or more males convene in order to engage in sexually licentious activities. i.e. group sex, mutual masturbation, butthole fingering, etc.
I sure do enjoy getting penetrated by other guys whenever I visit the codge lodge in Dinwiddie 210.
by codgermayne May 03, 2009

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1. Form of sexual deviancy in which one of the male gender encounters an attractive female on the street during a rainy night, throws her down in a puddle, and rapes her. This is generally frowned upon by anyone residing north of the mason-dixon line. Elsewhere, however, not so much.
2. My dick
1. I was walking home from work the other night when I seamonstered this chick. She totally wanted it.
2. When she caught up with me afterward, she butchered my seamonster. Go figure.
by codgermayne May 04, 2009

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