3 definitions by cocktail_queen

A ghost that lives in an air vent, and speaks with a very funny voice, sounding like barny from the simpsons but more high pitched!!!
if you ever hear a wind like sound from the air vent, it will be ned, he is a friendly ghost, but he may startle you with his magnificent voice!!!
by cocktail_queen September 27, 2007
standing for: captain black tooth. A girl who lives on a boat, has a chipped tooth as black as the plague, and is very smelly, often smelling of motorbikes and dirt, mixed with mould and damp!! otherwise known as twt, tit wank tina.
if you are ever in the boat yard in saltford watch out, if you get a wiff of motorbike oil, damp/mould, or if you feel yourself being fondled..... its her the cbt, she will either try to eat you, have intercourse with you, or just chat alot of shit and lie through her back tooth, until you die of boredom, or pass out from the smell!!
by cocktail_queen September 27, 2007
nike rift trainers, make your toes seperate and look like flid-ness and feel very flid like!!!
you put you're flid toes on (nike rifts), and all of the sudden you turn into a dancing flid!!!!
by cocktail_queen September 27, 2007