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The forming of bedding, for example: doona's and blankets in a nest like fasion to create a comfortable and safe enviorment in which to smoke crack pipes.

Note: this is best achieved in the morning proir to engaging the days events
Damn, I came home from work and she had built a crack nest in my bed.

Are those blankets for your crack nest?

Do you fancy a roll about in my crack nest?
by cockstar June 19, 2011
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A female garment that is part dress and part jumper however does not fully own either one look outright.
Often found on older women who are trying to cling to youth, people who just can't make a decision about what to wear.
This stunning look can also be complimented with a big belt to clearly define uper and lower drumper sections thought not recommended if the drumper is being used as a cover for unsightly body features.
My, what a lovley drumper you have on today...
Does that drumper come in plastic or pvc?
What is with that fucking drumper?
by cockstar June 19, 2011
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