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A slang term for semen, because of its milky jelly-like consistency.
“Yeah bro, shoot that milky jelly all over my face.”

“I wanna blow my milky jelly all over your tits.”

Rub that milky jelly all over your face, girl.”
by cmoneyrules February 23, 2020
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A completely bitchy thing to say when asked a simple question. A great way to set a horrible example for children by acting immature and adding fuel to the fire.
TV Interviewer: Madonna, what do you think about Lady GaGa's song 'Born This Way' reportedly sounding a tiny bit like 'Express Yourself'?

Madonna: She seems reductive.

TV Interviewer: What's reductive?

Madonna: Look it up. *sips tea*
by cmoneyrules February 17, 2012
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A person who looks like they would shop at Walmart. Generally used to describe someone who is white trash.
I was at the Oakland Mall yesterday and this total walmie was walking around wearing a dirty wife beater and cut off jean shorts.

That guy over there has a mullet and a dirt lip, he's definitely a walmie.
by cmoneyrules August 03, 2010
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