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A scary, illegal, extremely dangerous, and addictive drug that causes trillions of human deaths every year. This DRUG should be illegal everywhere in the universe. This substance is not to be confused with alcohol, a substance which has absolutely no negative consequences.
Alex: Lets go smoke some weed.

Ashley: No thank you, I like living.

Alex: I'M GONNA KILL YOU ALL! (brandishes 18 inch knife)
by clln October 14, 2008
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A word describing government officials whose intention it is to arrest you for possession of marijuana.
Eric: Wanna pack a bowl?

Josh: Nah man, this park is full of Po-Pos.

Po-Po: (aggressively) Wheres the weed at?! HUH?! IS IT SOME GOOD SHIT BOYS?! (searches pockets)
by clln October 13, 2008
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