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Primarily popular in St. Charles “The Chuck”, Missouri, among high schoolers. Chum refers to any nicotine device and/ or the act or ripping said device. Therefor chum = Juul and chum = rips of a juul. One chum equates to 3 rips by standard. Chum may also be used as a shortened version of chumlee/ly. This meaning is used to refer to any person involved in dumb, funny, or typical bum activity.
Example 1:
Christian: You bring your chum with you?
Karch: Yeah it’s in my backpack
Christian: Lemme get a chum in the bathroom
Karch: Man you a fiend

Example 2:

Jack: You hear what happened to Will?
Timmy: Yeah he also stole a chicken ring at lunch yesterday and Bernice caught him
Jack: What a chum
by chuckfiend October 17, 2019

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