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A slang term for the genitalia of males and some females.

"It's not a rocketship it's a cock!a shlong! wonder weasel!"
-Robin Williams in Death to Smoochie.
by Chrissie April 28, 2003

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A stupid term used to describe people either sarcastically or seriously. Mostly heard in Wisconsin. Namely Kewaskum.
"He's the hero." "You're the hero man!" *Usually because he is doing something that the other person deems "cool"
by Chrissie November 16, 2004

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KEWL. The quel way of spelling kewl (aka cool)
OMG Kirstie, you are so quel.
by chrissie March 26, 2004

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A flag that is said to be worn so much in the south, but having lived in Texas and now in Wisconsin, it's more displayed in the North. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen anybody waving/wearing the rebel flag in Texas. Just in Wisconsin.
Southern Pride in the North!
by Chrissie November 16, 2004

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