6 definitions by chris wheal

generally derogatorty term. can be substituted for twat, asshole, wanker, knobcheese etc. ussually associated with chris wheal
chris is a pooneck
by chris wheal April 23, 2004
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the name says it all. the most ugly, aggressive, fat, annoying, ugly, smelly school cook you have ever seen. she cant cook but that doesnt matter because she eats everything anyway. she has a niece who takes several of her characteristics (see emily easton) only god knows why anyone would have screwed her though!
run! its fat pat, she sat on the cat and made it flat!
by chris wheal May 12, 2004
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there was a young mouse called keith,
who bit a mans knob with his teeth,
it wasnt for leisure,
or sexual pleasure,
but to get to the cheese beneath
chris is a knobcheese
by chris wheal April 23, 2004
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rich russian pikey who shows as much emotion as a dead fish. doesnt have a clue about football and smells like poo.
bearded twat who is lovers with frank lampard (his girlfriend is just for show, and damn is she ugly!)
by chris wheal May 10, 2004
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