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no, im not going to attack christianity like the posts before me - Christianity is a religion that believes in jesus, god in the form of man to show the world true love. "true love" as in we (christians) believe he died to forgive us of our sins, because before you had to sacrifice animals or in some cases your children. most people pin 2 things the bible say against each other, but forgetting that most of the stuff like "eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth" is outdated from the old testament.

if you hate christians for "hating" gays when most of them dont, arent you just as bad as them? think about it. most people that attack christianity are stereotypical. judging all christians by the acts of extremest.
if you judge people of christianity for judging, you're just as bad.
by choochoochrain June 29, 2010

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