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Young gangster or wannabe; li'l G; typically younger brothers copying the Cholo example in style, attitude, and language.
"Hey, I'm unarmed -- don't shoot, CHOLITO! Ha! Haha!
Yo, Hector, chico look just like you ten years ago."
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Chicano term of endearment, usually adult to child (or junior in years) for a go-getter with no real intended meaning related to gang culture.
Similar to little man, young warrior, or tiger.
From warrior context of CHOLO root.
"Ay, CHOLITO, where you going so fast like Speedy Gonzalez?"
"Oh, pobre CHOLITO, que paso? Looks like it's time I show you some moves to defend yourself.
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<< Oops! Looks like you misspelled Speedy Gonzales. >>

"He is my cousin; and, he is only the fastest mouse in all
of Mexico. No! In all of the world."--Slowpoke Rodriquez
SPEEDY GONZALEZ (sic): "Arriba! Arriba! Andale! Andale! Vamos, ahora muchachos y gauchos."

"...The League of United Latin American Citizens argued that SPEEDY's cleverness and personality was a positive depiction of Mexicans.
-- Wikipedia
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Just a plain old normal dude; an 'everyman'; sample example of standard good citizen.
"The police, who allegedly protect and serve the public welfare, often act as an armed terrorist organization. CITIZEN 'X' has much to legitimately fear when he sees their party lights in his rearview mirror."
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pseudonym; alias; AKA; professional title; assumed name; epithet; label; monicker; handle; nickname; stage name; pen name; nome de plume; alter ego; the artist formerly known as; fictitious id; fake jake; false identity.
"David Bowie performed under his PSEUDO NAME, Ziggy Stardust with The Spiders from Mars."

"With the resurrection of the (New) New York Dolls, David Johansen junked the PSEUDO NAME, Buster Poindexter. Thank God!"

"Bingo, Bango, Bongo, and Bengo Cholomongo are PSEUDO NAMES of Chingo Bolemongo and Cholito Hellamongo (et al, ad nauseum)."
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JUNEY: "A BAG O' FIDDIES'd set me right and pay off my cards."
RODGA: "Who you shittin', son? You'd buy crack, and I hopes
you ain't sneakin' off to do it by yourself. What ?!"

"Don't you call me no ho. I wouldn't do you for a BAG O' FIDDIES!"

"What would Fifty Cent do wif a BAG O' FIDDIES?"
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