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What would Fifty Cent do?

A question as to choices hypothetically (to be) made by the American Rapper, FIFTY CENT ... if he was in your stinkin' shoes, OR
if he found himself in a similar jam as you seem to have managed.
By asking, one could be encouraging the other to do the right thing like FIFTY CENT surely would. Confer: "What would Jesus Do?", WWJD?
"WWFCD (WHAT WOULD FIFTY CENT DO) wif a bag o' fiddies?"

"Don't do that! WWFCD (WHAT WOULD FIFTY CENT DO) if he seen you? I'n tellin' you, he'd smack yo' bitch up!"
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What Would Fifty Cent Do?

A question most people ask themselves before getting shot 9 times.
"Dude, before you act like a ghetto wannabe, ask yourself, WWFCD?"
by J Velvet May 31, 2005
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Ahaa thats some funny shitt!! Of course.. but no1 wants beef wit a snitch.
50 cent gets shot- Make A Comeback
Diss Ja Rule- Get a lot of laughs
Diss Blackchild- Get killed

by H.O.V.A. - PL44 March 21, 2003
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