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Saying the word "slut" so it sounds like "sloot". More socially acceptable, and more fun to say!
"She licked my choda like a dirty slute!"
by choda84 March 02, 2006
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After a weekend of drinking beer, eating all those chilli dogs, poutine, and whatever else came in contact with your lips, shitzilla is what attacks you (usually on sunday evening) when you tremble as you approach the toilet.
"Oh man, Shitzilla's on the prowl, can you hear him growling?"

"*Whew* Shitzilla really took a round out of me that time"
by choda84 April 12, 2006
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The act of travelling in a fun manner for the purpose of shennanigans or leisure
Active form of 'canoodle' in a sentence:
"How was your vacation?"
"Great! We spent four nights canoodling around the beach and local pubs!"
by choda84 January 18, 2006
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