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a person who proof-reads or edits fanfiction.
Thanks for beta-ing my fic, babe!
by Chicky December 28, 2003

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always and forever
I <3 always and forever
by chicky April 12, 2003

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it sucks.
the real world SUCKS
by chicky July 07, 2003

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Bizback: It means your back from whatever you were doing, 2. The back part of yor body.
im bizback from da store
by Chicky March 09, 2005

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to perform a disgraceful act later laughed at and made fun of by your friends.
patrick cummed all over the car after fucking sheena.
by chicky March 05, 2004

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the red and gray timberlands
"yo man, u got them bloodysteaks?"
by chicky July 10, 2003

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a brown skined person
native american
by chicky September 16, 2003

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