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The state of being during and after an epiphany.
Guy 1: Man, I had an epiphany about that girl I was dating. She had me headed down the wrong path. I'm going to join the Peace Corps.
Guy 2: Cool story bro, wanna talk about it?
Guy 1: Naw, I'm enjoying this epiphination.
by chickenchickenbawk December 23, 2011

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To smother someone/something by wrapping tightly around them/it, like vines strangling a tree slowly as they climb.
Vine up: Watch out, Jesse's gonna vine you up like she did Sonia before they got out untethered by kids and unsmothered by marriage.
He vined up that tree like English ivy, promotion after promotion, until he sucked the life out of his employees, once interns like himself, now his corporate bitches.
Fuck this noise. I'm out before I get vined.
by chickenchickenbawk January 08, 2017

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