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Someone who causes severe mental pain or extreme mental itching and can cause mental bleeding to the people around him and the more you try to help him the worse he is.
That bipolar craphead is a human hemorrhoid when he's off his meds. Give him a chill pill quick for all our sakes!
by chezo July 22, 2009

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The termination of a recent meal through a normal bodily function that can be caused by either vomiting or urgent and sometimes violent diarrhea. It can include any meal of the day as breakfast miscarriage, lunch miscarriage or dinner miscarriage, but is, in general, a meal miscarriage. It usually occurs anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes after a meal and is either the result of a flu bug or the result of the body attempting to protect itself from a bad bacteria or food poisoning in the stomach or intestinal tract.
John: Did you see Bill running for the bathroom after eating that rare steak?

Jim: I'm not surprised. I think the chef used a shotgun on it and called it done! That's got to be a true meal miscarriage!
by chezo October 19, 2009

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