The glorious inside of a black pussy. Dark on the outside, but bright red on the inside.
- "yo that black chick has got a nice rare steak"
- "was it nice and red?"
- "hell ya, juicy
by BrownWang March 02, 2016
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Slang to describe a black girl's vagina.

Burnt on the outside, pink on the inside.
I was fuckin' some chicago rare steak last night, it was off da'hook.
by MPU_2071 October 21, 2007
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Hey Paji, fancy a medium rare steak?

Hey guys, there’s four of us here, shall we have a medium rare steak?

Medium rare steak at mine at 9, you in?
by Johnathon Doseph December 29, 2017
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a sick jesture of ones taste in women or should i say girls this meaning that the man making the comment likes girls very young "pre puburty" a term used by one who is a pervert or pedophile and is not bashful about it and maybey proud of it a real sicko would say this, basically it means you like little girls.
i was sitting at a bar one nite talking to this guy twice my age when a 23 year old very cute girl that was a good freind of mine sat down for a little chat as she walked away and i watched her he replied cute but to old i said what shes only 23 and he replied " i like my steaks rare " and i thought what a sick bastard. later that nite i went homeand went online and checked the local sex offender registry but he wasnt on it yet
by October 03, 2007
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Your dad leaves to get a bag of sour patch kids, and 10 years later, he actually brings a 24-gallon can full of blue raspberry flavored sour path kids.
Your dad is like how i enjoy my steak, rare
by zaqwszsfdzsgf December 18, 2019
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