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A type of plant found in urban environments that creates a painful sensation when rubbed in sensitive areas. Not restricted to any one species. Pronounced Oh-ow-ss, with an audible clash of teeth accompanying the word's end.
"Hey Jim come over here"

"Sup man"

"Get some of this on board"

"Stop rubbing that oaus all over my nose you gimp"
by Cheesethief January 18, 2010
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To throw extremely hard. Usually at a person.
Man did you have to whang that rock at my head?
by Cheesethief November 05, 2005
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The action of defecation in the UK
Just curled out a really good one

I need to go and curl one out

I have been curling one out now for about 15 minutes.
by cheesethief February 21, 2014
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A method by which one rapidly achieves sexual gratification without much thought for one's partner. Differs to a one night stand in that absolutely anywhere or any time is suitable for the act.
uuuoooargh man pussy nuke innit *lights cigarette while leaving building site* was... hmmm... blonde or brunette?
by Cheesethief March 19, 2007
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