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The one really cocky Italian guy that wants to take all the girls for a nice long ride on his Vespa.
Girl 1: oh that guys kinda cute

Girl 2: oo honey no. He's a flirtalian.
by Cheesecrackers December 14, 2014
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one who is both a bro and a hipster
a bripster might say, "dude, i like kenny v. spenny AND kaki king."
by cheesecrackers January 14, 2009
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Feeling you can't do something anymore, but there is no point in declaring it because no one really gives a fuck anyway.
Really can't blow my load on the great unspeakable again.
by CheeseCrackers March 11, 2015
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Female's pubic hair styled in 1 inch thick rectangle, shaved either side, from vagina upwards.
In missionary position post shooting your load, in or out, a gentleman might request, "I'll just rest my todger on your convenient landing strip, if that is ok ma'am?"
by CheeseCrackers March 11, 2015
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