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Men, that on a regular basis, try to suck their own cock. Pushing just that little bit further each time until one day, one day he will make it-the salami sunset.
Adam finally made the salami sunset and we didnt see him for days.
What you got there? A salami sunset?
Why are you so happy? make your salami sunset?
by Chalise April 22, 2009
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When a man passes out with effort after trying to suck his own cock and wakes up with his cock still in mouth, it will feel like another mans penis for atleast 10 seconds, before the mans brain, small as it is, remembers that it is his own.
He will be mocked mercilessly for many years to come
Dude, jesus I'm so stiff after my salami sunrise!
You have the look of pain only a man would have after a salami sunrise.
This mornings Salami Sunrise really took it out of me.
by Chalise April 23, 2009
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throat-rape, the action of one being raped in the throat.
taking the penis into the throat region unwillingly, very unfresh

the latin rapere meaning rape and gutturo meaning throat

thrapee - is the victim of a rancid thrape attack
thraper - someone who thrapes
thraping- the act of thrape in the present tense
i'm the perfect height to be thraped by vince vaughn

girl one: jesus my neck hurts...
girl two: have you been thraped per chance?
girl one: i dont think so, i was really drunk last night though

nothing like a thraping in the summer sun

guy 1: i feel like some thrape
guy 2: dude you cant say that, thats really fucked up
guy 1: whatever, when i need to thrape, i will thrape
by chalise June 08, 2009
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fat ham
chubby vagina
engorged cunt
extra large fanny
dude your pham is showing through your trousers
you definately need to lose weight you have a pham
my pham is itchy
pham on face can suffocate
by chalise June 08, 2009
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