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adjective- a shopper's inquisitive attention toward an item for sale, usually while standing outside a window.
Hey, look at that window shopper, she's buy curious.
by cdarucci May 09, 2011
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-noun. A specific clumsy walk, performed by adult males, that is meant to release his sweaty balls from sticking to the inside of his thighs. This behavior is usually observed right after a man steps out of his truck after a long drive.
Oh man, my balls are sweaty today. I wonder if anyone in this shopping center parking lot notices me doing the batwing shuffle. It worked! That feels good.....
by cdarucci July 10, 2011
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adj.- characteristic of a pop culture trend of flashing one's crotch when exiting a limo.
That crotch shot of her would be frowned upon in the days before Britney Spears made it snatchionable.
by cdarucci April 17, 2011
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(noun)- Items that you notice around a co-worker's home that obviously came from the supply closet at work. Items like, stationery, oversized steel wool pads, gallon containers of handwash soap, commercial sized paper towel rolls.

When noticing these items, you are quietly angry that your co-worker got to them first, and that you didn't get "dibs" on them.
Sally: "Wow Jackie, what are all these diblings doing all over your house?"

Jackie: "It's no big deal. I've seen YOU with a dibling or two on your way out of the office."
by cdarucci March 14, 2012
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