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(adj) to be marsh is to appear as drunk and high as possible to the point where your eyes are closed and you lose the ability to realize the fact that people near you are speaking of how fucked up you look. This can be caused by any combination of mind-altering substances, but especially alcohol and cannabis. You also have the tendency to tell fellow acquaintances that you are "Way too drunk." or "Way too high." or both. Named after the beloved Marsh Robinson of New Orleans/Kentucky. (he's not dead, he's just too marsh)
variations: way too marsh (usually used in this context), darshed out, marshin'
"Hey dawg, I just smoked two bowls, I've had some of this Sailor Jerry's, and I have this 12-pack of PBR in my backpack...I am way too marsh right now.
"Man, that guy just turned his head as if to look at something even though his eyes are closed..he's way too marsh.

"I'm waaaaayyy too drunk. Waaaaayyyy too high."
-Marsh Robinson//Darsh Vader/Marshall Mathers/Marshmallow
by catdance November 20, 2011

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