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a guy named AJ
Jasmine: *talking about eating grilled cheese*
AJ: “i made my face worse. less emo, more satanic”
Max: “i legit had one for lunch”
AJ: “how tf did you eat satan”
Max: “how are you such a dumb bitch AJ”
by catchmecrying April 10, 2020

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a name short for alcohol, algae, arson, al dente, alfredo linguini, alonzo, aluminium and more.
a man with the name al is the horniest man of all. confessed to liking the taste of his boyfriend named Hyrum’s cum. not only does he vibe 24/7, he also tweets things like:
• “i love cake popping my pussy to cooking shows”
• “can transformers have boobs?”
• “take the couch, we still here”
• “ old man on crack bouta quarantine me more than the government”
(also lost his virginity in a church parking lost)
anyone named al is the best person ever, i recommend calling them right now and going and getting high in a field with them.
Al: me and hyrum smoked in a fucking field and it was amazing

Al: im gonna bury you straight up and down and make sure you are never found. i am not h o r n y. i am cool.
by catchmecrying April 12, 2020

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