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adj. - Deliberately accentuating a woman's breasts. Referring to the noun, tog, meaning "tits out girl." Can refer to either a person or an article of clothing.
Is this dress too toggy for dinner with my boyfriend's parents?
by cappyhill June 06, 2010

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n. - Short for a "tits out girl." A girl who is aggressively putting her tits on display as through the use of a push-up bra, low cut top, or other devices. This may be involuntary for those with exceptionally large breasts, but is usually intentional.

v. - The act of dressing in a manner that most effectively displays a woman's breasts by pushing them up and/or out.

Can also be used as an adjective. See toggy.
"There are some serious togs in this club tonight."

Girl 1: "Are you going to tog tonight?"
Girl 2: "Yeah, I think I'm gonna wear my corset."
by cappyhill June 05, 2010

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