3 definitions by californialicious

v., to suck = to be a burden
- internet slang.
internet slang proves to be highly convenient, making this common phrase so popular.
... man, that sux.
used as one would use "sucks"
by californialicious June 16, 2004
Popular Independent.
the mainstream of underground media.
the most popular music,writing,film ect. that is still not very popular.
"Indie Pop Rocks" is an internet radiostation that plays all the popular new indie-rocker tunes.
---also, many upcoming bands, magazines ect. are considered inie pop until they make it into the Mainstream fame.
by californialicious June 16, 2004
n., Happy Pills
a reference to any imaginary stimulant in pill form.
"My friends and i use Happy Pills to keep boredom away!"
by californialicious June 16, 2004