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That fucking amazing feeling you get with warmth and shivers all over your body, only occurs in the best orgasms one can achieve. Sends shivers down your spine from the imense amount of pleasure you have, leaving you with comfortand a sense of pleasure. It is the orgasm we all want. The reason of life.
person 1:I had sex last night, and instead of going into detail of how awesome it was, lets just say i acheived the Electric Feel.

person 2: YOU LUCKY BITCH.
by caiorgasm March 01, 2010
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When you are using a toilet that was already filled with pee, and the water splashes up against you when you use it, giving you a golden shower from someone you do not know.
person 1: "I was using this toilet with pee i didn't bother to flush, and when i dropped my dump, it splashed all over me! It was quite the anonymous golden shower."
person 2: "Sexy."
by caiorgasm April 05, 2010
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