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what you saying. (what are you doing/do you have any plans.)
Jerome: wys after school?

Jessica: going to Ashlyn's house after school.
by bxlla April 11, 2018

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R.A.B stands for "Ratchet Ass Bitch". You would probably use this one someone that you don't like. Or someone who is pissing you off.
"Yo. Sara has been acting like a R.A.B recently."
"leave me alone, your such a R.A.B"
by bxlla March 01, 2017

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The place where we waste 4 years of are life being depressed.
Ariana: Honestly, i feel like high school is such a waste of 4 years.

Jacob: Yeah, like i became depressed here.
by bxlla April 11, 2018

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