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Tons of pure awesome rolled into one tasty long hominid. A really cool person. Very smart, talented, funny guy who saves your ass on a daily basis then plays a round of Modern Warfare. All in the same day. Usually geeky. Always nice. Rock star in the sack. Leaps tall buildings in a single bound. Eats plants, animals and Pizza Rolls.
Girl A to girl B: Wow, who was that nice guy who drained your butt abscess today?

Girl B: I KNOW, wasn't he? Plus he was funny and OMG, he actually dx my problem correctly. I can't believe I've been to see so many others over the past 4 weeks and nobody figured it out. My butt cheek feels so much better now. I can finally sit again. What a ninja....he's such a Derek.
by butt'sallbetter February 07, 2010

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