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In the event that a horny wife loses her husband at an untimely age, she will cremate her late husband's body and recycle the ashes. This is done by molding his ashes into the form of a large dildo using epoxy to bind it. She will then furiously masturbate in her husband's honor with her husband. Much less disgusting than the alternative.
"Hey isn't that your step-mom's dildo?"
"So What? Let's fuck each-other with it anyway!"

by buckeye02 April 13, 2012

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A variation on the Rock Island Plunger. Once again, during a three-way in which one member must be a male. In this case, instead of having normal solid stool the shitter must have diarrhea. The person with the explosive diarrhea fills the mouth of the shit-receiver, then the male inserts his penis and mixes the fluid around the second party's mouth.

In another variation, if the male has the capability for multiple orgasms, he will spooge in the fluid first to make it look like a Hostess Cupcake before he inserts. This act is also known as an Eskimo Pie.
After Seigfried, Roy and Boy George finished doing the plunger, they went to Taco Bell for burritos. Seigfried came down with explosive diarrhea and proposed not wasting the occasion and trying out the Rock Island Mixer because the plunger was so fun.

A favorite of college students in Ohio.
by buckeye02 January 15, 2012

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During Coitus, a male will insert his index finger into the females anus and collect feces onto his finger and nail. He next inserts the same finger into the woman's vagina then uses his feces covered finger to scratch the vaginal wall until it bleeds. Then inserts his penis into the vagina and uses the feces-blood combination as lubricant.
"That Hoe was so nasty she wanted a northern nail nipper. Tell you what, it was warm, squishie and very enjoyable."

Commonly practiced in central Ohio.
by buckeye02 January 08, 2012

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