2 definitions by bubbles the dominatrix

Guy that you like and flirt with, also good for hugs and candy, and beating the crap out of your x.
also potential boy friend or boy toy.
Ria:Hey Nick, Bill pissed me off today.
Nick:where's the fucker.
*10 min later*
Nick: he is in the hospital, have some candy. *hug*
by bubbles the dominatrix May 28, 2005
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When your best guy friend gets jealous of the guy that is actually boning you.He will try to tell you bad things about the guy that is boning you.
Ted: The guy that likes you has a small penis, you shouldnt go out with him.
Sheri: Ted i think you have a slight case of penis envy
by bubbles the dominatrix June 8, 2005
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