A come back when someone is being exceptionally stupid.

This is a short form for "a slight case of the downs" implying that they have a mental disability but not a severe one. Typically this is defined when someone is caught being completely weird by themselves, being a little bit too clumsy or doing something without thinking at all !

Someone who has a slight case can also graduate to a "Full Case"at any moment without warning ! be alert
walking into the house to find your mom having a full conversation with her dog.
"wow mom, slight case"

"hey man, did you hear about Lexie tripping while holding a pie?"
"yea ! She's got a Slight Case "

*text from Mitch*
"Yea, its a problem when you wake up with a beautiful girl beside you and you somehow passed out before attempting to bang..."
Slight Case Moment
by CoreyLynne April 6, 2017