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To edge is a masturbation technique (used mostly, but not exclusively by men) where you intentionally bring yourself to the brink (edge) of orgasm- but don't cum. Instead you stop and let the pleasurable feelings die down. You repeat this process of bringing yourself to the edge as many times as you wish. Although an orgasm is a 10 on the pleasure scale, the intense pleasure you feel while getting close to the edge is a 9... so by starting and stopping just before you cum you keep yourself feeling intense pleasure for as long as you wish, or until you orgasm, or your hard on goes limp. A sex partner can also edge you- usually by hand or orally.
I kept myself on the edge for an hour last night until I couldn't stand it any longer and had to cum.
by bsloan May 10, 2016

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Special Kind Of Stupid If you think cars will automatically stop for you when you step off the curb you are a SKOS
by bsloan December 18, 2019

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