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The girl's name Kerra \k(er)-ra\ is a variant of Kerry (Irish, Gaelic), and the meaning of Kerra is "black". Kerra is a fun girl, that gets along with most people, both men and women. She's a literary soul, and enjoys the arts, particularly classic movies, books, and Karaoke. A serial spinster, she enjoys the company of many men, especially those like the meaning of her name. Those that can keep the attention of Kerra are rewarded unconditionally.
"Dang, I was waiting around for you for hours! Way to pull a Kerra!"
by broshot February 08, 2010

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The act of moving your head in a circular motion. (front, right, back, left), moving your body as little as possible. Best performed by those with longer necks. Sometimes used as a 80's-style dance move, or as an insult to annoy other drivers on the road.
"Did you see that car that just passed us? Those kids in the back were doing the geek thing to us!"
by broshot February 08, 2010

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A word to describe the smell of a bums, transients, vagrants, homeless, etc. Very prevalent in large cities.

Can also be used as an insult to someone that smells bad or hasn't taken a shower in a while.
"I had a great trip to San Francisco last week, it was beautiful, but I couldn't get away from the bumsmell!"

"Dang Kerra, you reek of the bumsmell!"
by broshot February 07, 2010

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(dē) - Slang, Adj, Abv
Used to describe something or someone that is disgusting, dirty, disturbing, detestable, etc.
"Eww, now that is dee!"

"Kerra is the dee'ist of dee if dee is really dee, so"

"Are you dee?"
by broshot February 08, 2010

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