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A word to describe the smell of a bums, transients, vagrants, homeless, etc. Very prevalent in large cities.

Can also be used as an insult to someone that smells bad or hasn't taken a shower in a while.
"I had a great trip to San Francisco last week, it was beautiful, but I couldn't get away from the bumsmell!"

"Dang Kerra, you reek of the bumsmell!"
by broshot February 07, 2010
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A lingering smell of sweaty socks with a slight hint of fart. Not sharp, nor hinting. Just Bum.
(Stood in the sports hall)
*Michelle walks past*
Emilia: Euuurgh someone smells of bum
Matthew: Who is the owner of the bum smell?
Emilia: I think its Michelle- she doesn't clean her booty...
by inciting_incident January 23, 2015
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