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You and a close bro are forced to sleep in the same bed, resulting in a little-spoon big-spoon situation. It's not gay, its bromantic.
Bro 1 aka Little-spoon:" Yo dude, are you cuddling me?"
Bro 2 aka Big-spoon: "Nah fam it's a bro-spoon, don't get it twisted with that cuddle shit."
Bro 1: "Carry on."
by broliver April 28, 2015

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Something that allows for slight homosexuality between good bros. Such as bro-spooning, dinner and a movie, or heavy bro play fighting.
Bro 1: "I had a great time last night, man. It was really bromantic."
Bro 2: "Me too bro, I enjoy spending time with you, no homo."
by broliver April 28, 2015

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Variation of the bro flow. A bro with such large and poofy hair, that one might mistake it for an afro.
Bro 1: "Your flow is on point right now fam!"
Bro 2: "Thanks man, I've been growing it our for a while. You could say it's a...... bro fro."
by broliver April 29, 2015

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During menstraution, male and female decide to engage in intercourse. By entering the vagina, the males genitalia is coated with blood. He then takes his penis out of the female and she proceeds to give oral sex. She sucks the blood completely off of the penis while the male tickles her breasts with stalks of celery. After male orgasm, he then smacks her in the head with his penis declaring, "V8."
Bro 1: "Did you shaboink Karen on her period?"
Bro 2: "No doubt, even gave that hoe a V8, fam."
by broliver October 22, 2015

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