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A group of women who think that freedom of speech only applies to them. Too stupid to know how to keep children from looking at material "not for kids", they instead try to ban this material.
Mothers against Maddox don't agree with Maddox, and therefore Maddox must be silenced!
by Brick Wall December 30, 2004

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One of Hank Hill's friends on the animated show, King of the Hill. He has an unusual way of talking that some think is gibberish.
Boomhauer often begins a sentence with:
"Tell you what, man, dang ol'..."
by Brick Wall December 28, 2004

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1. A comic book about Robin (of Batman) and fellow teen superheroes.

2. A fauxnime that appeals to fans of Japanese cartoons. Since it's not really Japanese, calling it "anime" is a stretch.
Kid: Let's watch Teen Titans!....Wait, why is this anime?
Otaku: This is not anime...it's not true Japanese art.
by Brick Wall February 05, 2005

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An unlicensed game with 52 games in one cart, created by Active Enterprises at the price of $200 (a "bargain" at less than $4 a game, they boasted) for the NES and later, the Sega Genesis.

Action 52 is the worst game ever made. Poorly programmed, all 52 games are loaded with bugs and glitches, and as a result, are impossible to beat. The graphics, sound effects and music are very poor. The game was met with heavy criticism and the company folded, but not before releasing Cheetahmen 2, which was a sequel to the 52nd game on the cart. This game is now coveted by collectors of NES games.
Paying $200 for 52 games that do not work is hardly a bargain. Action 52 is terrible!
by Brick Wall December 27, 2004

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Formerly believed to be an idea in which animals should be equal to people, it is now widely recognized to be a belief where animals should receive higher consideration than humans.

Animal Rights means that humans are forbidden to hunt and/or eat animals, and are forbidden to use animals for ANY reason....
while animals are allowed to hunt and kill, as well as exploit other animals (ants exploiting aphids for their honeydew, for example).

Under this rule, animals are also allowed to kill a human for ANY reason (including, but not limited to: predator instinct, invasion of property, protection of young, etc.) while no human is allowed to kill an animal for any reason, not even to rescue his children from a bear attack.

When it comes to Animal Rights, George Orwell said it best in Animal Farm:
"All animals are equal but some are more equal than others."
The animal rights girl was against animal testing, so she killed a scientist. Meanwhile, she also let a serial killer run free, because he only killed humans...none of his targets were animals. Plus, he was a vegan!
by Brick Wall March 22, 2005

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An unlicensed NES game made by Active Enterprises, which was a sequel to Action 52's 52nd game, known as Cheetahmen. It's just as buggy and glitch-ridden as its predecessor. Cheetahmen was Active Enterprises' attempt to cash in on the fame of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and turn people away from the green heroes, but it failed.
Cheetahmen 2 got pwned by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
by Brick Wall December 27, 2004

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A cartoon that tries to look like anime, but is not genuinely Japanese and, therefore, is not anime.
Powerpuff girls and Teen Titans are two examples of fauxnime.
by Brick Wall December 27, 2004

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